In this article, we tell you the best tips for hiring a Freelance Software Company for the first time. When you want to hire an employee or number of employees for a software company for the first time, you have many questions in your mind. Now we are here to answer those questions. We will compare the freelancing platform and different options which will help you hire the best developer. You should check previous projects on which the developer already worked. So, you can verify that developer by his work. In this way, you can hire highly skilled developers without training and spending money. Before hiring a freelancer for software company you must know about the software development. By knowing does not mean you have to become a software developer but if you don’t know about software development, then how you understand that what is best and what is worst for your project and which developer is highly skilled. If you know about your work, you can understand others and give instruction to the developer according to your requirements. You should know about the project’s pace, deadline and final cost. If you don’t know about software development, you may get a bad result.

You should know the following list looking for a software developer:

  • How your expectations from your freelancer to work on your project part-time or full-time.
  • Which software or format you will use for your project.
  • Which skills, certification and education you required for your project.
  • You should state your budget.
  • You should state your timeline.

You don’t require 10 years’ experience from the developer to work for peanut. Those developers who know every programming language, don’t expect affordable rates from them.

When you evaluate the applicants, follow these steps:

  • Read the reviews about the developer from employers, supervisor and colleagues.
  • When the developer agrees on cost, availability, project scope, milestone and deadline then you can begin your projects.
  • Check the developer portfolio. If you feel that the developer showing the plagiarized samples, you can search about that and then decide.
  • You give a project for testing the developer. This project should be simple. You explain the requirements to him. In this way, you can check the developer that he can fulfill the requirement or not.

By following all these steps, you can hire a highly skilled developer which will be beneficial for your project. So, take some time to follow these steps and then take the decisions.

If you want a developer on your own decision, then you can use several ways such as:

  • If you have connections in any industry, then you can post job offers in ad listings. You can take short interviews through face to face communication, via mobile phone messages and calls. This is the traditional way of hiring developers. You can’t hire them for the full time. If you hire on the base of connections then the pros are that the developer will be a good person but in any case, if the developer abandons your project mid-way, there is little you can do about it.

Hiring a software developer on social networking sites:

  • There are many social networking sites for hiring the developer such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Quora, and Reddit. There are plenty of Facebook groups through which freelancers connect with one another.

Two things you consider here:

  • You get what you pay for:

If the freelancer requires higher-paying according to your project work and expectations, you get upset at the same time freelancer expects the same.

  • Be honest about your budget:

If you have less amount for the project, you must deal with the freelancer for the project paying. Maybe you have to change your requirements and features according to your budget.